As early as 1996 Doug McBride had planned the construction of a mastering room at Gravity Studios in Chicago. Although he had “mastered” many projects over the years with the tools available in his mixing room, he realized that a very specific collection of tools were necessary to achieve the results he was accustomed to from the expensive New York mastering houses.

It wasn’t until 2004 that he embarked on the risky and complicated journey of building the mastering room.  After a great deal of research and hard work, Gravity’s Studio B was transformed into a world-class environment.

To date, we here at Gravity have seen Doug’s mastering arm of the studio grow steadily with almost all artists, mixers, and producers becoming long-term clients. He values these long-term relations deeply.  He welcomes free “test master” opportunities as well as offering mix feedback to mixers after their initial mix.

Moreover, Doug respects his clients and realizes that they hold in their hands the key to the future of the business.

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